CARECEN and co-counsel litigate two important class action lawsuits: 1) Orantes-Hernandez v. Meese, a nationwide class action lawsuit that challenges the patterns and practices of INS in denying Salvadorans access to counsel and otherwise discouraging them from seeking asylum in the United States; and 2) Perez-Funes v. District Director, resulting in a nationwide injunction that requires the INS to cease coercing juveniles to waive their right to a deportation hearing and to provide detained juveniles access to legal advice.

CARECEN provides critical testimony for the pivotal nationwide class action lawsuit, American Baptist Church (ABC) v. Thornburgh. The suit challenges INS discriminatory treatment of asylum applicants from El Salvador and Guatemala, who are proved to have been denied asylum at the rate of 97%.

CARECEN and CRECEN help form Mayor Tom Bradley’s Advisory Council on Central America and testify at numerous public hearings.

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