1987.jpgCARECEN dramatically increases its education and outreach to the general public, focusing on the human rights for refugees. It publishes a Human Rights Bulletin documenting abuses in Central America as well as abuses of the rights of Central American refugees in the U.S. CARECEN forms the “Promotores de Derechos”(Rights Promoters) to inform Salvadoran refugees of their rights under the 1986 IRCA legislation.

Salvadoran death squads operating in L.A. target Solidarity members active in raising awareness of the Salvadoran civil war and U.S. military support to El Salvador. CARECEN staff and volunteers receive death threats. CARECEN denounces and openly protests the activities of the Salvadoran death squads both in L.A. and in El Salvador. The FBI investigates and the City of Los Angeles creates a fund to assist death squad victims.

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