2004.jpgNew Voices Voter Education Campaign begins with 2004 election and contacts 6,718 voters in 18 Pico Union/Westlake precincts. Of those, 650 persons requested more information from CARECEN about quality of life issues.

Organizations from New York, New Jersey, Texas, California (including CARECEN), Massachusetts, Delaware, Florida, Nevada and Washington DC form the National Alliance of Latin American and Caribbean Communities (NALACC) to influence the immigration debate by including the voices of those most affected.  

CARECEN hosts first ever “Bi-National Conference of Salvadoran Hometown Associations in the United States and Local Developments in El Salvador.”
Bush administration announces 18-month TPS re-authorization for Salvadorans who couldn’t return to El Salvador due to earthquake devastation.

CARECEN wins Prop K grant to build out first floor as recreation and technology center.

Legal Department assists 225 Hondurans and Nicaraguans and 2,500 Salvadorans who qualified for renewal of their TPS.

Seventh annual fair participation bolstered by appearance of El Piolin, 4,000 people attend.

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