2005.jpgCARECEN launches the Belmont Educational Collaborative, including CBOs, LAUSD teachers and administrators and CIVITAS autonomous school founders.

Department of Homeland Security expands its authority to deport immigrants.

Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) uses OSHA meeting as a sting operation to corral and deport undocumented workers.

LAUSD awards CARECEN Freshman Cohort Program award to develop outreach to eighth graders in order to assist their transition into high school.

CARECEN joins curriculum design committee for what will be the first Pilot School in the Belmont Zone of Choice, CIVITAS School of Leadership. 

Design meetings are held at CARECEN.

Central American Free Trade Act passes by only two votes.

Community graduate of Know Your Rights seminars assists MTA bus riders kicked off bus for speaking Spanish.   

Raul Godinez becomes Chair, Board of Directors.