2006.jpgAngela Sanbrano attends Latino leadership meeting in Riverside, California to create unified response to HR4437 and attacks on immigrants.

Angela Sanbrano elected chair of NALACC Executive Committee.

CARECEN plays a key role in organizing the largest nation-wide mobilization, with 1.5 million people marching on March 25 in protest of HR4437, the Sensenbrenner Bill that would have criminalized, with a felony conviction, undocumented immigrants and anyone who assisted them in any way. CARECEN also participates in subsequent marches on April 10 and May 1, witnessing Wilshire Boulevard packed with marchers from MacArthur Park to La Brea. 
CARECEN is part of the development of the National Latino Congresso, the first gathering of its nature in over 30 years.

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